A Perfect Gift

The couple was enamored by the antiques. And believed that to be a perfect gift to present someone with. It had always worked. The recipients would love their choices and often get dumbfounded by their fondness for collecting the artifact.

The Constant Hunger

The man entered the junk shop that looked untidy and full of what could be called “trash.” The owner greeted him warmly and surprisingly too as his shop hardly used to have any customer. Randy greeted back by smiling at him and took a round of the shop. However, nothing could attract his attention. As mentioned earlier, the shop was overstuffed with goods and things were piled over each other. In order to inspect them, he had to lift the goods placed first.


The name of the oblivion store was Fulton’s Folly Antique Collective and was located at Fresno Tower District. As the city has very few antique lovers, the store stayed a thing of disinterest for a large fraction of public. Randy knew that very well and that is why he did not feel amazed at the loneliness of the shop after entering it. The shop had only two souls dwelling inside it, first he and second, the shopkeeper.

Mysterious Box

The shopkeeper did not take much time to realize that his customer was losing interest and it was then he ushered him to another cabinet. But what captured Randy’s attention was some boxes that were born by two men. The men just had stepped into the shop from an inside room. The two were carrying big boxes in their hands that looked very heavy too. Randy immediately got intrigued by the boxes. He wanted to know what was in them.

Anything But Trash

Intrigued, he asked the shopkeeper about the content in the box. He told him that the boxes were containing objects that did not get sold despite being on display for long. So, now they were throwing it out. The shopkeeper called them an “old boxes of junk.” But was it really junk? Whatever the case was he felt immediately drawn to them. 

Exploring Trash

He asked the shopkeeper if he could see the items stuffed in the boxes. The owner did not stop him. He asked men to put the boxes down. No doubt, the box was heavy as it was carrying a hell of things. Men started putting the items out one by one. They all were indeed trash. However, the curious customer sifted through the things in search of some interesting object. It was then his eyes catches something peculiar in the junk box.