Scientists have discovered an innumerable amount of fossils and artifacts that were hidden beneath the surface of our planet. Yet there are millions of undiscovered things that are still hidden somewhere in the depths of this Earth. Many times these hidden treasures turn out to be worth fortunes. This fact is known by all and there are many examples of aspirant treasure hunters who go searching for buried treasures. Coincidentally, the people who stumble upon such treasures have no intention of finding it.

Such was the case of Adam, 32, who went on a hiking trip for the weekend with a bunch of friends. It was supposed to be just a fun outing to give his mind some break from the usual mess in his life. However, things took a drastic turn when the group of friends lost their way in the woods. While searching for their way out, the trio stumbled upon something buried in the forest and what they discovered underneath the ground left them stunned to their very core.

The Weekend

The sun was shining bright in the town of Vyborg, Russia. Adam sipped on his fourth cup of coffee. It was the weekend which usually meant he gets to sleep in and laze around in his bed. But not today. Today he had plans with his buddies to explore the wilderness. He has been procrastinating on this for many weeks now and he knew his friends won’t let him get away with it any longer.

Escaping Things

Adam has been hiding from his friends and family for a while now. He has been under covers avoiding every opportunity to meet people. Getting out of a long term relationship does that to a person. His pain came in waves and hit him when he least expected it. So he cut off people who tried to check on him. But he couldn’t do that for much longer.

College Friends

The three of them have been friends since their college days. 5 years later, each of them has a job but they still try to catch up once in a while. When they heard about Adam’s breakup, initially they respected his personal space, gave him time to heal. But now, months later, they knew they can’t let him spend his life crying in his bed. 

Fun Outing

So it was decided that they will go out for the weekend and have a fun outing. But deciding on what to do with their free time was the hardest decision, so they usually voted. They were not the biggest fan of the woods but since it was Adam’s favorite thing in the world, to roam in the wilderness, that’s where they were headed.

Planning A Trek

Adam decided to make this weekend a trekking adventure. They could trek in the woods and set up camps for the night, build a fire, play the guitar and have a really fun outing. They planned on coming back Sunday morning. Since it was a beautiful day outside, nature was on their side. Adam was almost done packing his rucksack when he heard the horn outside his house.

Gear Up

The boys loaded up the jeep with camping gear and supplies along with food and coolers for beer. One of Adam’s friends loaded a metal detector onto the trunk. Everyone gave him a confused look. He mentioned that there were myths about hidden treasure in this forest and he wants to see if they can discover something.