Every life’s worth living, every truth’s worth knowing, and every effort’s worth result. Every person we come across has their own story, a different story that nobody knows about. All this starts from one’s childhood, upbringing, friends, schooling and above all, the choices that one makes. This story still leaves people with mixed reactions and we are sure you too will find something strange about the question.

What happens when your life which seemed to be perfectly normal so far isn’t the same anymore? What if it all happens just because of one truth that was hidden? Something similar happened to a guy who was in his 30s whose life completely changed after knowing one truth. It was no simple truth that wouldn’t make much of a difference rather it was an answer to all the questions that were in this person’s mind about his existence. Steve Carter, at present 39 years old, lived a regular life until one day when his curiosity unraveled the biggest answers about his life.

Curious About Roots

He was 3 and a half years old when the Carter family decided to take him home. Steve Carter’s parents kept him aware of all that they knew about his life before they adopted him. The guy was aware of the fact that his parents adopted him from a foster care center in Hawaii. However, his curiosity to know his roots and the urge to learn more about his biological family led him to some unexpectedly odd details. 

Simply Connected

In 1980, Steve Carter Sr., a United States Army officer was posted on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. He was staying on the island with his wife named Pat who worked as a teacher. During this time the couple made up their mind to adopt a kid. When they went to a nearby foster care, the Carters instantly felt a strong connection with a three-and-a-half-year-old boy. As Pat said in an interview and still admits, “it was love at first sight.”

What Records Said?

According to the files, the fair-haired infant’s name was Tenzin Amea, and the little boy was brought into the foster care three years back in June 1977. The state’s record also mentioned that he was born on January 16, 1977. Also, there was a brief history of his birth parents, his father was a native Hawaiian and he was taken from his mother, Jane Amea when she was detained five months after his birth. Nothing more could be known about his family.

Fresh Start

On September 23, 1980, when all the paperwork was completed the couple was given full-time custody of this little guy. They welcomed him in his new home with a new name, William Steven Tenzin Carter. The kid who was called Tenzin before was now known as Steve Jr. It didn’t take him much time to get used to a new lifestyle. Soon they moved from Hawaii, back to their town. Steve Jr. spent his childhood in Medford Lakes, a small town in southern New Jersey, the Garden State.

Luck Changed

This kid’s luck changed amazingly. Tenzin was now Steve Jr. During the 1980s and 90s, he lived an ordinary happy life with his family and friends. He was always busy in different sports or parties with the rest of the kids who lived in his neighborhood. It was the kind of life every orphan kid wishes for but very less get the opportunity. Steve Jr. got this opportunity and he has always been more than thankful for it. While everything seemed like great, Steve Jr. kept wondering about his past life and who were his real parents.

Parents’ Doubt

“For several years after his adoption, Pat and I had a nagging fear that someone might pop up claiming to be his biological mother or father. When nobody did, our anxiety eventually passed,” His father said in an interview and added, “we kept in contact with the woman who had him in foster care. We called her when we had questions about measles or mumps and sent her letters during the holidays.”