Garden Work

So, since the winter storms were so harsh and disruptive, Matthew and his family were going to have to completely redesign everything that was there in the garden. This basically meant that they were going to have to do the work, around the rusted box. The task was a huge one so it was difficult for him to do it on his own. Matthew Emanuel then took the help of an expert landscaper.

The Unfolding

Since Matthew would not be able to fix his garden by himself, he quickly looked for a professional landscaper. After a brief search, he found a guy who would be able to give him his needs. So he fixed and appointment with the guy after ringing him up. Little did he know that he had set up a motion a chain of events that would have an amazing effect.

Bamboo Bob

So the landscaper that he decided to take help from was a man named Robert Foley. He also went by the name of Bamboo Bob and had traveled to Staten Island in late April 2018. He had had years of work experience across New York and New Jersey, and he has had his fair share of strange experiences. But how would they compare to the one he was about to encounter?

The Wildest

For a man who had worked for decades, Bamboo Bob certainly had a lot to talk about when it came to the topic of weird experiences. But even after working for so many people’s gardens and even zoos, what he was about experience, working at Matthew Emanuel’s property was arguably the wildest discovery he had ever made. It was certainly one for the books for this expert landscaper.

Beginning Work

Matthew wanted to rework on the garden by adding a small thicket of bamboo on the side of the backyard. The deer would not nibble on it and also it would potentially give the family some more privacy. As Bamboo Bob and his crew initiated the work, the rusted box would soon pop up naturally. But when the time came for him to question Matthew about the story behind it, his response was a huge surprise.

The Mystery

Bamboo Bob had worked in many backyards and so to dig up the box and learning about what its true purpose was, was something he could not resist. The workers had to continue but the box was in the way. Matthew informed the Bamboo Bob that he just assumed the box to be an electric cabinet attached to the fence in their property. He was definitely wrong. What they discovered soon flipped both their words…