The Stray Orphan

One morning, a person came to the Humane Society in the hope that the tiny puppy he found alone on the road would be properly taken care of over here. The pup he got along was a Chihuahua puppy who was in a desperate need of help. What was the matter with the pooch?


The man who came to offer this pup told the society that his mother, unfortunately, was hit by a car and was dead at the scene. And this little creature was left to grief and pain. The puppy was so small and his condition was so terrible that the man could not see him like that and decided to help him in any way possible.

Very Fragile

Ryan McTigue who is a member of Michigan Humane Society (MHS), diagnosed the baby Chihuahua. And he furnished that he was in a poor condition. The pup would not be more than 2-3 days old and needed immediate care and attention. But there was a major challenge ahead for the volunteers.

Keeping Him Alive

One of the major concerns for the volunteers at the shelter was to keep the baby pup alive. And in doing so they had to struggle a lot. His health was deteriorating majorly because of the pain of the loss of his mother pooch. The separation anxiety had taken over him. What happened next was quite unexpected.

Nurturing Him

The volunteers kept the pup in intense care unit and were trying to infuse supplements in him to ensure he is coping with life. But nothing seemed to work. As the pup was very young, he wasn’t able to consume solid foods and he wasn’t accepting bottle feeding. A solution had to be devised.

Poor Pup

The staff at Humane Society was now worried. The pup could only be retrieved with love and care of a mother. The pain of losing her mamma dog was so intense that the pup had literally given up on life. He was barely a couple of days old and surviving without a mother was impossible.