Have you ever wondered what would happen when the world ends? Have you ever experienced an incident that seemed like the earth was about to tremble and fall apart? We must all have our own variations and ideas of how this earth that we live in would end. There are several movies that have given us an explicit idea of how the world would come to an end. All in all, it would definitely be a scary experience with destruction and chaos everywhere. So, in the city of Denver, something akin to this situation took place, so what happened?

Odd Sounds Of “Booms”

There comes a time where the world seems like it wants to give up and stop going further. We must have all experienced epic thunderstorms and raging thunder sounds that can really get freaky. And also, over the recent years that have passed, people all over the globe have claimed to be exposed to weird “boom-like” sounds that have originated from the sky.

In The Town Of Denver

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These kinds of loud sounds have been coming from the skies a lot lately. And even though there are some who have been able to give quite a reasonable explanation, there are is so much that is left a mystery that no one can understand. Could it have been caused by aliens or maybe by angels? Could this be the final judgment? In Denver, Colorado, the locals would soon find out…

A Haunting Sound

There had been various places that talked about the strange sounds that had come from the sky. It had been taking place all over the globe. And so at about 9:00 PM, on a Monday night, something had happened in Denver, Colorado. What happened then? Well, there was an extremely strange and traumatic sound that woke up every living being in the city.

Shaken With Fear

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For such a loud noise to take place in the silent of the night, it obviously made a lot of the locals concerned. It was not just clear in one particular street, the sound could be heard all over the town. And this was not like any sound they had ever heard. This loud boom-like phenomenon was heard by the whole city. What was the source of this sound that left so many people shaken awake with fear?

 All Over World

This sound was something that would terrify anyone with perfectly working ears. The sound was so loud, clear and strange that it left so many scratching their heads. And it had not just affected this particular area. It was heard from United States and even in Australia. And there were reports of about 64 incidents where this strange “booming” took place all over the earth.

No Clear Explanation

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Since this was such a strange incident, there were so many people who desperately wanted to get to the bottom of it. Many people wanted to know what had woken them up and with such a loud blast. And pretty soon the theories about the source of the weird sounds started coming up. But no one had a clear cut explanation of what it was. So then what was the reason?