What will happen if your ordinary job suddenly gets overloaded with adventure? Won’t it be looking all exciting again? You might think what could be so exciting about usual boring days. Well, every day is a new day but we don’t remember each and every day of our lives, just the significant ones. We always expect but most of our unforgettable memories are unplanned and comes to us all of a sudden. All it takes is one moment. If a logger can get such a surprising day at work then anyone can. What’s a great deal about a logger’s life, you’ll know it today.

Logger’s SurpriseShocked

A logger was on his daily job hours which meant he and his team were assigned enough trees that they were required to cut down before the end of the day which was standing in the way of a builder’s construction. So, looking at their profession this sounds like a normal thing. At first, everyone thought so but soon after starting their work they realized they’ve to stop. No, there were no revolters interrupting them, it was something bigger than that. Their original plans for the tree went away after taking a glance at this discovery.

Daily BusinessTypical Loggers' Workday

The woodcutters of the Georgia Kraft Co. were up for their daily business. And it was all going sooth and simple until they started cutting down a specific tree. It was about to give them an experience for a lifetime. Even today it amuses the world about how did it actually happened. But when nothing makes sense, science comes for the rescue with its logic which is at times hard to digest. A similar thing was going to happen on that cloudy day.

Not Odd At All

Jasper being ‘the first mountain city’, located in the Pickens County, Georgia, United States. The beautiful small city is right next to many vastly spread mountains including Big Canoe, Bent Tree, and the Preserve at Sharp Mountain. Generally, loggers are criticized for the work they do, ie, cutting the trees but in Jasper, it is not a big deal as every other family is directly or indirectly connected with the logging industry.

Not Your Average Wood
Not Your Average Wood

The mountains near Jasper are covered with American chestnut trees, that are of great profit when it comes to commercial value. The reason behind it is chestnut trees’ growth speed, they grow faster than oak trees. This tree species is one of their kinds. At the beginning of the 20th century, American chestnut trees were at the stage of extinction due to a spread of the fungal infection but the species managed to survive. These are now found throughout the eastern North American regions like Nova Scotia, New Hampshire, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. They have very unique characteristics which resulted in what came in front of this group of loggers that day.

LunchtimeHollow interior

One fine day in 1980, in the morning after the clock struck 10, around 7-8 people who worked at Georgia Kraft Co. left their homes and sat in an empty truck and headed towards the decided location. The work was too much and it needed to be done by the end of the day. The loggers started their work by chopping off the trees one by one. Till lunch time everything felt like the rest of their work days. When the work started after lunch they felt something wrong with one of the trees but no one realized what it was.

Weird Tree

Almost all the chestnut trees that they decided to cut were done, just a few were remaining. Out of those few remaining trees, there was a specific one, which felt quite light weighted compared to the rest of the trees like it is hollow inside. The moment the first ax hit the tree’s trunk they were now certain about the hollow tree. Who knew the tree was hiding a hideous secret within itself.