Depression is one of the most common issues faced by youngsters and the old-age alike. It has become a worldwide concern that has caused many to have difficulty in living a carefree life. And you may be surprised to find that there is more than just one type of depression. In this article, you will get to learn about the major depression, seasonal affective disorder, postpartum depression, and several others.

Comes In Different Shades

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Depression, you may be surprised, comes in different shades. It ranges from very mild or extremely severe. Depression can also be of a temporary kind or even become chronic. It is not something that is fixed and so dealing with it becomes a challenge. Natural occurrences like the seasonal changes or even the birth of a baby can lead to depressive symptoms.


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The most important thing to firstly do is identify the kind of depression a person has.  Through this clarification, the doctors will then be able to determine the suitable treatment. For those who have been clinically diagnosed as having depression, learning more about their experiences and information regarding their specific disorder comes in handy.

Informing Them

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“Folks seem comforted in knowing what’s going on for them,” states Sarah Noble, DO, who works as a psychiatrist at the Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia. “At least they have an answer for why they’re experiencing what they’re experiencing.” She firmly believes that keeping her patients in the loop about their own depression helps them get better.

Consult An Expert

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So just in case you or someone close to you show signs or symptoms of depression, allow us to crack the different kinds of depression for you. As you read through this and you feel as though you have someone showing these signs, consult a mental health professional. These doctors can help in the diagnosis and would also help find the most suitable course of treatment.

Major Depressive Disorder

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In just a span of one year, this type of depression affects about 16 million Americans, predominantly women. This is called major depression or clinical depression. Under the diagnostic criteria published by the American Psychiatric Association, there must be at least five symptoms persisting for two weeks or more for someone to be diagnosed as having a major depressive disorder.

Symptoms And Sub-Types

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The main symptoms are sadness, emptiness, worthlessness, hopelessness, and guilt; loss of energy, appetite, or interest in enjoyable activities. They also change their sleeping habits and often have suicidal thoughts. This type of depression is most treatable. There are two main subtypes: “atypical depression” and “melancholic depression.”