Everybody dreams of a fairytale love life. Why do we watch romantic movies and read novels? Well, for most, it would because they usually reflect what we want our lives to be like. Seeing these gorgeous actors and actresses fall in love on screen is what makes these movies so attractive and addictive. So what if we told you this lady had experienced something straight out of a romantic comedy movie? Well, just read ahead and perhaps you will find hope that your life would somehow be like her love life in the near future…

A Monotonous Life

Life was not exciting at all for Zoe Folbigg. Nothing was happening in her personal life nor at her work place. She was just counting days until something significant happened to her. She would take the same train each morning to reach her office. She was working at the insurance company where she was just waiting for her days to go by. She did not have much going on until…

A Striking Stranger

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She would commute using this train every day where she would not meet or encounter anyone special or worth noticing. Each morning she would meet the same familiar strangers on this train but one day something changed. Zoe spotted a face that would go on to completely turn her life around. Let’s us go into detail how her life flipped in the coming days after that…

Her Crush

Her day would usually start with a ride on the train to her workplace where nothing exciting ever happens. And then, on a random day, she unexpectedly bumped into a guy she had never seen before. He looked like a charming young man that was seated just across her. This guy would always be submerged in his books and was able to grab Zoe’s attention.

Getting His Attention Too

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After that day, this attractive stranger would often ride in the same train where Zoe would be in. And pretty soon she started to develop a crush on the handsome stranger. With each day passing, her crush on him grew more and more intense. And Zoe knew she had to do something about it. She was not one to barge in front of a stranger but knew she had to get his attention too. So what did she do?

Falling For Him

It was a very quick and intense crush that Zoe developed on the stranger on the train. Zoe knew that this was not an ordinary crush, that it was something more. She soon realized after a few weeks of constantly riding on the train with this man everyday  it was love. She was actually falling in love with him even though she knew absolutely nothing about the guy yet.

Reading Too

Zoe was falling head over heels for the guy who reads books on the train. She was quite caught off guard by this guy because she was not expecting to fall for him this quick. She then tried desperately to try and get him to notice her. She would often bring her own books and read them, as she sat next to the guy in the hopes of him approaching her somehow.