Maintaining Neuropathy

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Doctors have also made use of skin patches, like Lidoderm, for temporary, easy pain relief which contains the anesthetic lidocaine. These bandage like patches can be cut into different sizes. There should be cautious about the drug used to avoid further resulting in other complications. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) namely ibuprofen helps to relieve pain. Topical ointments and creams like capsaicin 0.075 percent cream which has chili pepper, also controls the pain.

Treating Mononeuropathies

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If neuropathy a result of the compression of a single nerve, treatment is similar no matter what nerve it may be. Treatment is based on whether the compression is fixed or transient. A palsy of the ulnar, radial or peroneal nerve could be transient and reversible just by deflecting the nerve compression. For instance, a person with ulnar nerve palsy must never rely on the affected elbow. Heat and a drug course could be of much help. In carpal tunnel syndrome, conservative therapy involves ultrasound, wrist splinting, oral or injected corticosteroid drugs, etc.

Clinical Specialty At Any Stage

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If a single-nerve neuropathy does not heal up using these options, then, surgery is the next option. When the nerve compression is fixed, surgery needs to be done, like in case of a tumor. Consultation of doctors is advised during any stage if: pain is intense, pain, by all means, obstructs daily activities and an easy life, an underlying health condition is worsening.


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The different kinds of neuropathy show different symptoms.
For sensory neuropathy the affected person may have:
tingling and numbness
pins and needles and hypersensitivity
increased pain or inability to feel pain
loss of ability to detect changes in heat and cold
loss of coordination and proprioception
burning, stabbing, lancing, boring, or shooting pains
foot and leg ulcers, infection, and gangrene.

Motor Neuropathy

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This is known to affect the muscles and the symptoms are:
muscle weakness, leading to unsteadiness and difficulty performing small movements, such as buttoning a shirt.
muscle wasting
muscle twitching and cramps
muscle paralysis
If the autonomic nerves are facing impact, it would cause sensations like sweating, heat intolerance, bowel or bladder problems, and blood pressure instability causing dizziness.

Its Causes

Most of the neuropathy kinds have been proven to be “idiopathic,” or be a case of an undiscovered cause. There have been quite a number of conditions that could lead to it. Diabetes is one of the most commonly known causes of chronic peripheral neuropathy. It usually occurs when high blood sugar levels start damaging the nerves.