We Need A Hero

Nicole and Kevin Barattini Story

Since TTP is not genetic, the couple wanted to try and freeze Nicole’s eggs to hopefully be able to have biological children someday. Many friends of the couple had offered to carry for them but due to various reasons, always ended up not happening. It was a growing concern which slowly transformed into a frustration that they could not help but just bear. Even if they wanted to change the circumstances, it was clear that this loving couple were at a dead end. Things were not going as planned and the future did not seem so bright.

Losing Hope
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They were slowly losing hope and it was a sad time for the couple who wanted to have kids so badly. The couple was starting to feel like they were cursed and that they were unworthy. Since all of their efforts to try and have a baby was failing, Nicole and Kevin were running out of options. They felt helpless and insecure. Would you blame yourself if this kind of situation ever happened to you or would you just forget about it? This kind of obstacle really does put a strain on a person’s mental state and even a couple’s relationship as well. The answer is never certain.

The Dinner Date

Nicole and Kevin Barattini Story

As they were starting to feel like the chances of them having a surrogate grew dimmer and dimmer, things were about to change. Little did they know that all of their hardships and issues were about to turn into something extraordinary. It was like any other day and the couple was still very saddened by the lack of positive result when it came to having a child. On a dinner date with the couple’s couple friends Shawn and Lianna, something happened. Since it was a random dinner date, when Lianna made an announcement, it surprised everybody at the dinner table that night.

I’ll Do It

Nicole and Kevin Barattini Story

The good news came so abrupt and sudden that the couple was not prepared at all. Lianna wanted to step up and offer her body to carry her dear friend’s child. The Barratini’s were over the moon. “To see their faces, their excitement, I don’t think they believed it themselves,” Lianna revealed. She just wanted to play her part in trying to keep her dear friends happy as a married couple who were desperate to have a baby. It is times like these that reveal who true friends. How many of us can say we have a friend like Lianna who would sacrifice her whole body to keep her friends happy?

My Family First

Nicole and Kevin Barattini Story

Since she had been a family friend for so long, Lianna was well aware that Nicole had been unsuccessfully trying to bear a child for the past 6 years. She had seen her good friends struggle and do through depressive time because of their misfortune of not being able to conceive a baby. During these years Lianna had her 2nd and 3rd child and could not offer herself as a surrogate as she was still not done with having kids of her own. She needed to make sure that she was happy with the number of kids she had before stepping in.

Kind Heart

Nicole and Kevin Barattini Story

For Lianna, having kids was literally a piece of cake. She had never gone through such an saddening experience like her friends Nicole and Kevin. Her husband and her were lucky enough to both be very fertile and successful in having their own kids. So after having 5 kids of their own, Lianna and Shawn were done with having their own kids. During all these years, the couple saw their friends struggling to have their own babies. “At first it was difficult for me to get a sense of why she wanted to do this,” Nicole admitted. “She is an angel. She wanted to do this out of the kindness of her heart.”