Along with the sheriff and a swarm of officials, the landlord stood before the front door of the house. People who were living around the house too came in the front to help in removing the possessions. However, no one had the courage to go inside the house.

An Ominous House

The house was locked for many years so an old smell came out just after they opened the house. The sunlight slipping in through the cracks of the window was revealing some part of the house. The place was quiet like the dead. Booting a tenant out is in itself very challenging plus the house was giving away weird vibes.   

Normal And Quiet?

The house was not like any other house. Not only it had a threatening feel it also seemed like a door to a different world. Its weirdness had crossed all the limits. The house looked all normal and quiet from outside. 

An Odd Smell

The landlord and the authorities began to suffocate in the moist and stinking air of the house. There was another odor too mixed with the smell of the house. The odor was an unfamiliar one and gave chills to him.

Was A Mistake?

Nevertheless, he kept on moving towards the room painted in red. While approaching the room in the sight, he wondered if he had made a mistake by coming all alone in this house.  

Unexpected Revelations

Not only the owner but the authorities too were clueless about what were they going to find in the room. Clearly, there was a noise coming out of the room and there was someone inside the room for sure. The presence of the stranger and this unbearable smell added to their fear. The landlord finally opened the door and got a surprise of a lifetime.