Brought In Trainloads

Removing every single Jew from the Earth was Nazis first priority. Unfortunately, Operation Reinhard was successful, thanks to the Nazis passion towards Jews’ mass killing. Even the Germans were horrified after listening to the stories of Operation Reinhard. 

Facing Defeat

Yes, the Nazis took pride in whatever they did but when the Allied powers finally defeated them, they knew their time was up. An announcement was made to bring each and every German officer into custody. The Nazis tried hard to hide their crimes… The truth is now out and in front of the whole world though.

Leaving No Trace

What do you think they might have done to hide it all? To erase all the traces? Well, not only did they burned all their extermination camps but also they ensured that all the graves were covered with concrete. Although they thought there was nothing else left behind to be covered they were wrong.

Polish And Israeli Archaeologists

The Nazis were equally good at committing crimes and hiding those crimes. They had it all planned. The chances were quite high that no one will ever know where this evidence was hidden. But fate had its plan and it was time for the truth to be revealed. The minors details were missed by the Nazi soldiers which were recently discovered. A team of Polish and Israeli archaeologists initiated a search at the Sobibor location and it didn’t take much longer before they find it all.

The Mission

Why did these archaeologists choose specifically this site? The curiosity to uncover the Nazis reality in front of the world brought them here. What took place in Sobibor has always been a matter of discussion among the locals and when one of the archaeologists heard these stories, the whole team came together to give it a chance. The mission was to learn more about the history of the Holocaust.

To Bring Peace Too

The archaeologists wanted to disclose the truth of the location. They wanted to know how many of these stories are true and to what extent. This will directly bring peace to the victims whose lives ended at this location and to the people who grew listening to these stories. The search was initiated in the surroundings as well as the main site that people used to talk about.