Testing Of Patience

Most of the homeless teens have to quit schooling midway. Leaving with no bigger career opportunities in the future. But many people try to attend school as long as they can. But this boy was managing to come to school anyway. But that morning everything felt like a set up to test his patience. When he was on the verge of giving up his school life, something happened that changed his life forever. This incident made him discover the hidden room as well. It all started when someone noticed him. 

Noticed The Guy’s Condition

The lady janitor, Carolyn Collins was the one who noticed the boy’s worsening condition. She looked at him and understood there was something wrong. She offered him to come along with her and as he didn’t see any other option he just walked behind her. He had no idea about where he is heading.

To The Mysterious Door

They walked through the cafeteria lobby. She was heading towards the counter of the cafeteria and opened the counter door. Although he hesitated a bit when she asked him to follow her. He went inside behind the counter there was this door he never noticed before. He knew Carolyn from before as she has been working in the school for a long time. When she switched on the lights and asked him to enter, he never thought of anything like this to come up.

A Hard WorkerA Hard Worker

Carolyn Collins, a janitor as well as a custodian at Tucker High School. Over the years, she proved herself as an amazing worker who used to take her work seriously. She had the sense of responsibility in her and never let any area the classrooms, hallways, and the other facilities or the outside garden clean and tidy. She was a happening personality who shared good terms with everyone including the teachers, staff, and the students. She made sure that whoever she got in touch with should leave with a smile on their face. There was a dark side of this school that she got to know in the year 2014.

Getting InsideA Hidden Door

Whatever was in the room came as a surprise to the guy. It was more shocking when he understood that it wasn’t something new but this has been going on for years now. He was inside the room and the first thing he had in his mind and Carolyn understood his obvious confusion and the question he was about to ask.

The PastShe Needed A Plan

The guy has heard rumors that Carolyn took several students in that room before but he never understood why. Today he himself was there and all his questions were about be answered. As he was now getting that it wasn’t any rumor he went on to ask Carolyn and the answer stunned him.