Burning Questions

Many questions popped into the head of Kilkus. Was it an entrance to another world? Perhaps the hole was, in reality, a door that takes the individual to another world or is it something else. In order to find out Kilkus had to investigate further and that is what he did.    

Flying In The Direction

He began flying his drone into the direction of the hole. Everything was going smoothly until the device’s screen began to flash due to technical glitches. Strangely, such kind of technical complication had never occurred before. This was the first time his drone had shown inefficiency in the middle of the journey. However, Kilkus got it back.


After piloting the drone back to the shore, he checked what was wrong with that. It was then he realized that its battery was running low. No need to say that the drone was the only tool he had to demystify the secret of the pit. Losing it now would be the last thing he wanted. So, he checked the drone properly.

Controversial Footage

He also checked if the drone took any picture of the pit. Luckily, the drone had! The hole was clearly visible in the footage. Kilkus who saw the hole from a distance had no idea that the pit was way bigger than he thought. However, it was still not clear what actually was inside the pit. For that, he needed to give it another shot.

What’s Inside?

Kilkus finally had the footage of that enormous pit but he was yet to get pictures of what the hole held inside. He never felt so intrigued before. He wanted to know more about the hole. But it was not going to be that easy as he had no idea how was he going to explore the interior of the hollow. 

Learning History

He did some research before exploring the hole. While going through the history of the pool he learned a shocking truth. Some years ago in 1997, a swimmer named Emily Schwalek, 41 passed away while swimming in the same lake. It is believed that the reason behind the death of the woman is the same hole. The witnesses had seen her clinging to the edge of the hole before getting drowned in it.