Weird Activities

Her neighbor had informed her about some strange activities happening at her house. Yeah! this is exactly what her neighbor told her. No need to say, Crystal, was confused and frightened. Was there someone already in her house. But how could that be possible, she had double-checked the locks before leaving for the Cabo nor had she given the keys to anyone. The keys were with her safe and secure.

Water Had Changed

Moreover, when she reached her house, she saw that the water inside her pool had turned into a toxic green color. The condition of the pool was enough to tell the condition of the house. Had someone broken into her house? What if the person is dangerous. Lost in her thoughts she reached the main door. 

Unlocking The Door

It was at the time of unlocking the door she regretted not bringing anyone along. She really should have brought someone along. Maybe some anti-social elements had taken shelter in her house. But now there was no turning around now. She had never hoped for something like that.

Was Unopened

Surprisingly, the door was locked. There was no trace of any forced entry. In fact, by the appearance, it seemed that the lock was not opened for once. If not from the main door then how did the intruder enter the house?

Changes Abound

Scaringly, when the woman entered her house she realized that it had changed completely. The house looked dirty and destroyed. It seemed as if she had entered a stranger’s house. The woman broke into tears as soon as she laid her eyes on the floors. Her beautiful cherry hardwood floors had been brutally ruined with scratches and scrapes.

Ruined Completely

The upstair carpet had stains of an unknown liquid on it. There were many big bloats on them. It looked nothing like her home. Not only that but the entire house was filled with an unbearable smell. It seemed as if the house had been used as a short-termed petting zoo. What had gone wrong with her house in the matter of a few days?