Spacious And Pretty

Not only that, but it also boasts of a spacious garage. She had thrown many pool parties in her house. However, all this while little did she know that her beautiful house was going to be the very reason for the biggest trouble of her life.

Unique Vacation

It was the summer of 2016 and she was flying to Cabo to enjoy the heat of the summer. She had been going on a vacation after a very long time. And that is why her holidays stretched up to 2 weeks. However, little did she know she would not be able to enjoy her holidays.  

Flew To Cabo

Crystal waved bye to all her neighbors and flew to Cabo with her friends. She had just started enjoying her holidays when she got a call from her neighbor. Well, that was strange as her neighbor had never called her before. There must be something very important otherwise who would waste money on making an international call. 

A Bad News

Or maybe there was some bad news. No need to say she was surprised as well. Had her neighbor dialed her number accidentally? She picked up the call only to get the worst news of her life. Her neighbor had something to tell her about her house. Not everything was right over there. 

Coming Back

Only a few days into the vacation, the woman had to head back to her house. She took the first flight available to fly back to her place. Clearly, the woman was devastated after receiving the news from her neighbors. Her heart was racing and little did she know that the matter was only going to get worse from that point on. 

Meeting The Neighbor

The woman reached her home in a matter of a few hours. The first person she met after coming back was her neighbor. She wanted to talk to her about what she had told her over the phone. If it was true than it was quite serious and disturbing. She needed to get to the bottom of it.