Crush Story

Many people were unaware that the groom had a huge crush on the bride since his college days. He used to bunk lectures just to have a look at his crush. He could never gather the courage to speak his heart out back then. Lucky he was! Finally, he was about to marry the girl of his dreams and to him, it was a love marriage arranged by the parents.

About To Come

While the guests were munching on the starters, the orchestra played the tune of “My heart will go on..” from the movie Titanic. The spotlight focussed on the entrance door, and some people with rose petals were standing near the gate as if they were strictly ordered to escort the couple to the stage.

The Wait Is Over

Finally, the wait was over.  The couple came to the hall holding hands and smiling at each other. The groom looked a little lost while the bride was looking for someone. She must be looking for her mother since it was a big day for her.

Something Is Fishy!

As the couple came nearer to the guests, some of the guests noticed that something was wrong with the groom. They thought that the groom was drunk or he had a hangover. They could tell looking at him that the smile the groom was wearing was fake. Though they were not certain regarding the same but could say that the groom was thinking of something else other than the wedding.

Ring Ceremony

Keeping all thoughts aside, guests looked for the person who would bring rings for the couple. The person with rings came running and offered them rings so that they could exchange rings and announce their wedding. The groom looked lost again but nobody bothered as everyone was waiting for the next activity, that is food!

Game Time

As the couple was done with their exchanging of rings, the groom opened a bottle of champagne and caught everyone’s attention. He asked the crowd to settle down and before announcing, he expressed that he wanted to play a little game along with the guests.