A wedding day is extremely for everyone. On the wedding day, the bride and groom decide to continue the journey of their lives together taking each other’s responsibilities. What if on the wedding day, something dirty comes up and one of the partners cannot explain the scenario? Would they end up marrying each other or leave each other to be humiliated in front of everyone? Let’s find out together in this upcoming story.

Banquet Hall

A big banquet was decorated beautifully. It seemed the couple who were about to be the guest of honor spent lavishly for this very day. The attractive ambiance of the hall surely could make anyone fall for it.

 The Guests

The wedding guests were as excited as the bride and groom were. They were experiencing an arranged marriage for the very first time. The guests expected a lot out of this wedding as their expectations went way higher as they get to see the beautiful banquet hall which was magnificently decorated.

 Wedding Cake

The other exciting thing the quests were waiting for was the wedding cake. In their opinion, the wedding cake decided what kind of relation the couple held until the day. It sounds weird but it is a fact. The judgemental people invited as “guests” comment on the flaws and never leave an opportunity to belittle the host.


To the guests’ dismay, everything was managed perfectly. There was nothing off-track which could be addressed as “the talk” or precisely “the flaw” of the event. Perfection is rare but somehow the hall was able to achieve it. The guests were desperately searching for a flaw to keep their spirits alive during the event.

The Wait

While enjoying the beauty of the banquet hall, clicking selfies and wearing a pretentious smile, the guests were eagerly waiting for the bride and groom to show up. The main objective of doing so was “the food”. With the arrival of the hosts, the catering team would get a green signal and the food would be served.

The Perfect Wedding

The wedding was expected to be a “perfect wedding” since the hype was too high about it. Special performances were prepared by the friends of the bride. They synchronized the steps and it took a mammoth effort to teach the steps to some of the friends with stiff bodies. No matter what, the performance was all set to be showcased.