Eric’s grandmother has always loved looking after these mute adorable creatures of G0d. She often fed these stray animals with milk and bread, and moreover, she often covered the cats living in her neighboring surroundings with warm clothes to protect them from cold. But one day…

A Different One

The grandmother helped all the cats she saw on the road. While each and every cat greeted her by licking her foot, there was one cat different from others. She would rub her fur against the granny’s legs. However, soon only she would be realizing that it wasn’t what she had been assuming.

Instant Liking

The granny and this little-different cat developed an instant bond. She named her new pet cat as “Tete”. Tete, every day would wait at the corner of the street for the old woman to come and greet her. Not only this, the old lady carried with her some warm milk and some bread to feed her. And then, one morning she decided to take Tete home.


The last night while watching the news, Eric’s grandmother came across the weather forecast that had predicted a snowstorm in western Kansas. She was worried about Tete. How would the cat manage to survive in the snow storm? Thus, she decided to bring her home that night.


The old woman bought the furry four-legged tiny creature to her place and placed him in a basket near the fireplace. Tete was equally happy to share her new friend’s place. And soon only she began to play with Furry and Sasha. Surprisingly the two elder cats also did not realize that their new sibling wasn’t a one alike.


Sasha and Furry initially did not appreciate this new entry into their house, it was as if someone was trying to invade in their territory. But, as time passed the trio enjoyed each others presence. That night all three “thought-to-be” kittens had their supper together. And Eric’s grandmother knew what to do next.