Solving The Mystery

Linda was determined to find out about the intruder in their attic as it had been more than a couple of years, so when both the men left the house after breakfast she sat down to scrutinize the ways to do so. She then thought of bringing a spray or medicine to remove the pest that has been eating out their house from the attic. Would she be able to remove the mucky creature?


She ran to the medical store in order to bring the medicine and as it was a Monday morning she didn’t find much crowd at the store. She ran back to the house with the medicine in her hand. As soon as she entered the house she placed a ladder to the attic and started to sprinkle the medicine from the tiny openings in the old slat. Would it help to kill the pest?

Observing The Noise

The whole day she tried to observe the noise from the attic while she finished her household chores. For the entire day, there wasn’t any noise from the attic and she thought she had finally got ridden of the creature. She was too excited to tell her son and husband that it had become difficult for her to wait. Was her assumption right? Had she really won the battle against the filthy creature?


As both the men stepped into the house, she excitedly told the news to them. Adam was happy because he could finally sleep peacefully in his room otherwise he was afraid that one day the creature would eat him raw in his sleep. He hugged his mother tightly. Bob praised her for showing the courage as he already knew how much she creeps out by the bare name of the creatures and always suggested him to change his career.

That Night

After doing his work, Adam wrapped up his things and went to sleep peacefully. It was after years Adam was sleeping well tucked in his cozy bed as his thoughts did not wonder what might be there in the attic. It was around midnight when something from the attic fell on his place disrupting his sleep. He could not open his eyes as he was afraid of what it might be and screamed at the top of his voice.


The parents were in the other room and ran as they heard the scream to see what had happened. As they entered the room, they found him at the corner of the bed. Bob carefully bent over the bed to look out for the object and held it in his bare hands. Linda kept a hand on her mouth at the sight because it was the same medicine she had put in the attic this morning. Was the creature still lurking in the attic?