Have any of your trip to Walmart ever led you into something so extraordinary that could be remembered for a lifetime? It doesn’t even sound like a legit question right. Like what can turn up at a Walmart store while one’s simply picking up groceries? A woman from North Port, Florida would have told you the same thing until one day when her weekly trip to Walmart led her to the most unexpected when she offered her help to a stranger. Was it a wise move? Read the story and decide for yourself.

Unforgettable Day

It was just like any ordinary day for this woman when she decided to check in to the nearest Walmart store to pick up some groceries. She never expected that her day would soon take a 180 and end up being one of those days that she would remember for her life to follow. But what can possibly go wrong at Walmart while one’s simply shopping? To your surprise anything is possible, so read the story further as we put forward the details of how an act of kindness led this woman into the unexpected. 

It’s Cold Outside

It was cold enough to give someone a frostbite, something you would expect from a December morning in the state of Florida. No one likes to get out of their beds on a winter morning but what needs to be done has to be done no matter what. So, Melissa Whittington accompanied by her stepson headed towards the grocery store, something they often did together without complaining as someone has to do the boring task of picking up groceries.

Not So Normal Day

They were at the not so happening task of picking up groceries but they did it with a smile on their face. Attitude counts, right? While they have often visited the nearest Walmart and like all the other times they didn’t expect their visit to be anything but ordinary. However, life often surprises us when we least expect it and the mother-son duo was going to experience something similar.

Something Strange

So the local Walmart was a couple of miles away and Melissa Whittington decided to drive that far in her car along with her stepson. But not long after their road trip to Walmart would take an unexpected turn. So, they arrived at the Walmart store and made their way towards the parking lot as they didn’t want to get a ticket or have their car toed which is way worse. She made her way towards the store after successfully parking her car and it was when she noticed something strange.

The Old Man

It was an old man with a pale face and gray eyebrows which clearly indicated that he was too old to be out there on his own. He looked like he was in his late 80’s, a victim of aging as he could hardly carry his groceries. Not to mention the cold weather that was making it hard for the old man as his hands shivered with every failed attempt to carry his groceries.

Not That Innocent

While the old man was almost invisible to everyone else or say he was only invisible as people ignored him. His name was Bill and it was Melissa who could see him struggle and didn’t like the sight she was holding. She knew exactly what she had to do to make it better but what she didn’t know at the time was that the old man had some tricks to play.