Having pets is a whole different experience. Families that own a pet have a completely different routine than those who don’t. Things like hourly cuddles, regular meals, daily walks, weekly baths, monthly appointments, and yearly vaccinations. Once they enter our homes they also enter our lives. They become inseparable part of their owner’s life who treat them like a baby or a buddy.

An owner who loved his pooch the most couldn’t help but regret being less attentive towards his pet. The guilt was just too much to take and he was devastated by the thought of his loving furry friend was now held captive to some stranger who stole it.

A Fitness Freak

Barry Gearhart, a certified BodyPump Instructor is a Group Exercise Instructor at 24 Hour Fitness – Boynton Beach Shaq, Florida. Anyone could say from his outer appearances that he is a strong man with a perfect built. However, he is a very emotional person when it comes to his family and friends. Barry resides with his family in West Palm Beach, Florida but his life took a sweet turn when he welcomed a furry friend to his home.

Bundles Of Joy

Barry has been an animal lover since childhood. When he adopted a just born pit bull, it filled an empty corner of his heart and made him feel more alive than ever before. He named the little one Titan who became Barry’s best buddy, his partner in crimes. Barry solely took all his responsibilities, be it anything. With Titan in his life, Barry had no free time left to overthink about anything at all.

Soon, Titan, the pup grew up and he used to accompany Barry to most of the places. Sometimes At times, Barry even took Titan to his workplace to meet people for a change. Titan was so close to Barry that it seemed impossible to separate the two. But life is all about the inevitable and with time everything that was going smoothly was going to turn into a big time struggle.

Our pets grow more and more comfortable with us as time passes and after one stage it becomes unbearable for the poor ones to be separated from their owners. For eight years, Titan stayed by his hooman’s side. Barry was aware of all his pet’s habits and needs. Titan who couldn’t even sleep away from Barry will be taken away from his hooman.

Pooch’s Demands

Eight years built an amazing bond between the two of them and Titan meant the world for Barry. Every time Barry unlocked his car, Titan has to be the first one to get inside. Titan was fond of rides and used to get excited whenever he saw a car. So, for the eight-year-old pooch, a car meant fun and that was his right that Barry never even thought to take away from him. 

It was early morning and Barry was in hurry to grab a few things from the nearest grocery store. His daughter was off to school and Titan was not in a habit of staying home alone. And just like always as soon as Barry picked up the car keys, Titan was all set to hop in. Unlike before, this day Barry will return home alone with his worst nightmare turning into reality.