Sailing across the ocean, waters seemed like a baby sleeping in silence with no worries. The day was going great, the wind was flowing in the desired direction, and everything was perfect. The cold breeze touched their faces making them the happiest individuals on earth. Far away from where their boat was, they saw a mushroomed-shape iceberg in the middle of the sea. Standing strong and tall, the ice-berg had something at the top of it. From the distance, they couldn’t make anything but still, curiosity kicks in and they decided to take a look. Little did they know their peaceful sailing would turn into an extremely dangerous adventure. They shouldn’t have checked that thing that was on the top of the mushroom-shaped iceberg. But then things don’t always turn out to be the way we want. One thing led to another and their most thrilling journey began only to discover something unbelievable.

Let The Adventure Begin…

The ocean is a mystery. No man has ever been able to solve this puzzle. In the past, great voyagers left their home to search the other unknown world out there. It was the waters who guided them, helped them to discover those unexplored worlds that stayed hidden for centuries. This group of three people wasn’t voyagers or anything, but three best-friends decided to leave their worries behind and have fun for a day from all the hectic schedule. Opinions differ when they discovered what was on the top of the iceberg. For some, they were in the right place at the right time and for others in the wrong place at the wrong time. You decide.

World Of Its Own

If you have sailed then you might know what a wonderful world it is. With no rules of the land, the waters flow in its own pace. You come across so many things that make you wonder about the place. This crew of three decided to explore the cold regions of Canada. They left their comfort zone to find more about the life where they stumbled upon something astonishing that changed their life forever.

Crew Of Three

So it was Mallory Harrigan and her partner Cliff Russell, and Allan Russell, fishermen by profession have sailed several times in both pleasant and harsh weathers, but never came across with something like this. What all you can expect to see in the sea when you are a fisherman, some seals, fishes, or bears roaming in the shore. But that day, they saw something else entirely. They had no idea how that thing ended up there in the first place and that too in the middle of the ocean on top of iceberg.

The Three Fishermen

Three fishermen, Mallory, Cliff, and Allan, were sailing offshore from Labrador when they reached the desired point. At the top of a mushroom-shaped iceberg, they saw something which was almost impossible for them to comprehend from that distance. The iceberg was drifting in the same direction the boat was and to them, it looked stationary but it was getting closer every second.

Swimming? No Way!

The iceberg that seemed to stand in one place was slowly drifting with the flow of waters. Being fishermen they knew how extreme a situation can be around an iceberg which is very uncertain of everything. The movement at the top of the iceberg made them really curious about everything. The problem was if they want to know what that thing was, they need to take their boat towards the iceberg which was not an easy task. The current near the iceberg was high that day. But they took a risk. And something unbelievable happened.

Little Curious

Looking from the distance, this mysterious thing at the top of iceberg stunned everybody when something moved a little. But there was no way of how something can even reach the top of the iceberg of such height. Looked above at the sky, they could seagull hovering in the sky. Though seals can stay on land but then moving to such height from the sea was almost impossible. That thing for sure was no bear as it would have been obvious in the first glance. What was that thing? Animal? Or something else? They found out.