For some people traveling can be fun, it gives them an opportunity to explore different places that help them gain more knowledge. There are certain people who are avid travelers who are just looking for a chance to escape from their mundane routine and explore the untrodden roads. They don’t even have a problem with public transportation as they are always keen to meet new people while traveling to unknown cities. But there are certain people who usually don’t like to travel and especially when it comes to traveling by public transportation they simply want to avoid it as much as possible. But sometimes your work takes you to places even if you don’t want to. The protagonist of the story was also one of those people who would rather stay at home than to travel to a place to watch a mesmerizing sunrise. But then one unexpected journey changes his life forever.

Public Transportation

Traveling seems to be more fun when you’re traveling in your own car with your friends. It has its own perks, you can sit the way you want without feeling any awkwardness and reach the destination at your convenient time. But sometimes, while traveling to a faraway place we have to take public transportation which can cause inconvenience to many people.


One of the frequent complaints that people have while traveling by public transportation especially planes is that they have to adjust in a limited space and sit in an upright position for a long time. It can be quite uncomfortable particularly for people who travel in a fly coach. Because then they have to be extra careful so as to avoid causing inconvenience to fellow passengers. But is that always so easy?

Lazy Young Man

The protagonist of the story wasn’t a travel freak so he would often avoid traveling whenever he could. But there come certain situations in life when you can not avoid traveling.  Whenever he had to travel, he used to book his seats in the first class so that he doesn’t have to compromise his comfort. But the situation never remains the same and sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone too. Would the young man be able to understand this?


One day his brother called him to invite the young man to his wedding, even though he was doubtful that he would come. Everybody was well aware that he disliked traveling but he wanted his brother to be present at his wedding and thought of requesting him. He called him so that he could make up his brother’s mind to attend the wedding. What would the young man say?

The Call

When he called him in the evening to tell him about the happy news, the young man jumped with joy and asked him about the dates of the wedding. His brother told him about the wedding date and venue and requested him to attend his wedding. He too agreed to come but several things were running inside his mind.


The wedding date was near the Christmas holidays, which meant that seats in the flight might be booked in advance. He wanted to ensure his convenience so he called the reception at the airport to know if there was any seat in the first class. He couldn’t think of traveling in economy class. Would he be able to get a seat in the first class?