Unknown Texts

A message from an unknown person did confuse her. Being new to the social media and internet, she decided to not to respond to the message. But Dan had something else in his mind, despite her disinterest he continued texting her in hope of getting a reply. His constant messages began to bother Wendy, so she decided to confide in her best friend.

Getting Messages

Wendy talked to Daphne about Dan and his constant messages. In response, Daphne also revealed to her that she was getting messages from him. It was then she realized she was not the only one who got her text. This came as a big surprise for Wendy. 

Giving In

The conversation with her friend did clear the air for her. Daphne knew few of his friends. It was shocking for her that Dan along with messaging her was texting her friend also. Initially, Wendy got a bit sad when she learned that she was not the only one Dan messaged. But on the other side, she was happy that Dan was not someone fake. So she took the next step.  

Replying Back

She decided to reply to his messages. After Dan received her messages he texted her back. They talked to each other over texts for some time and once they got well acquainted with each other, Dan invited her and her friends to his place for a party he was throwing. The girl had not expected this coming so early and now she had to make a decision.   

Party Time

Although Dan invited her to the party he was not sure whether she would accept the offer or not. Perceiving thin chances of approval he did not plan any party. Too much to his surprise, Wendy did accept his offer and now he had to throw a real bash to impress the girl. The girl on the other side had no idea that Dan was not throwing any party but was lying to know if she would like to spend her time with him.

The Meet

Dan was very excited to meet Wendy. He organized a party only to see and talk to her in person. It was going to be very special for both. Dan knew that and therefore was getting very impatient to meet her. Finally arrived the moment when the two came face to face with each other. That night all the doubt they had about each other faded away as they spent all the time laughing and dancing with each other.