Wrong Answer

What exactly he meant by drawing the picture of the fictional character? Did he want a costume like his or a toy? Perhaps he wanted to meet the actor? The answer to all this question is hell no! He wanted something else, something near impossible.


He wanted to be a Batman. Now, it put the volunteers in a dilemma as they had never heard of a wish as strange as this. What bothered them more was that how were they going to fulfill this wish? Now as the wish had been made the organization was compelled to fulfill it and the way they chose will stump you.     

Batman and…?

miles scott batkid make a wish foundation batmanAs volunteers failed to find a way to fulfill his wish, the news reached the ears of the CEO of the Bay Area branch of Make-A-Wish, Patricia Wilson. Like others, she too got amazed by his wish but unlike others, she came up with a perfect idea of making Miles’ wish come true. It was going to be the beginning of a rollercoaster the life of Miles was going to set on.   

Executing The Idea

Patricia had everything in her mind. She looked for a person who would impersonate grown-up Batman that will accompany the little Batman that was going to be Miles, and together they would go on an adventure. And it was then that our favorite little hero “Batkid” came into existence. Yeah, it is the same Batkid who took the world by storm. Now the next question was where were they going to execute the plan? 

Search On For Batman

batman ej eric johnston sue damsel in distress batkid san franciscoBut before finding out the location, it was important to search for the grown-up Batman! Patricia wrote a mail to stunt actor and tech whiz Eric “EJ” Johnston if he would like to play the part of older Batman? When Sue, wife of Eric got the mail she said she has no option but to take up the role of damsel in distress. 

Finding Location

EJ thought that they would have their part of the adventure in a park. However, there was something else going on the mind of Miles’ parents. They wanted their son to see the world outside their small town so they came up with another mind-blowing idea. They decided on taking him to San Francisco. But was it going to be easy to have his wish come true without having any known in the city?