Roaming Around

As he tried to enter the office, the guards stood in front of him and stopped him from going further. When they inquired why he wanted to go in, no words came out of his mouth. He was numb and unable to move. When the guards asked him again, he told them about his missing daughter and asked them to help him in finding her.


He asked the station master to announce the name of his daughter on the mic so that if she had gotten off from some other gate he could still reach her. But as the station master announced her name along with the station’s name, Victor was again taken aback as he came to know that he had gotten off at some other station. Now he was really hopeless and blamed himself for the carelessness that he had shown.


He didn’t have any courage left to call his wife and tell what had happened but he had no other choice too. So he took the train to his hometown and called the police to inform about the same. When he reached home he was devasted, as he rang the bell his wife opened the door and was relieved to find him safe and sound. How would tell her about the incident?


When she didn’t see her daughter she immediately asked for her. Victor was quiet for a while this made his wife really anxious and she went outside to search for her daughter. She was aware of how mischievous her daughter was so she thought it to be another prank and searched for her in every place she used to hide. How would she react when she would know the truth?

Asking About Her

She became anxious when she couldn’t find her and went inside to ask her husband. As she entered the room she saw him sobbing with his hands over his face. She ran towards him to ask what had happened and where was her daughter. Victor couldn’t look straight into her eyes as he was feeling guilty. What would he do now?

Telling The Truth

When she asked again he had no choice but to tell her that someone had taken her while he dozed off. His wife was aghast when she heard this and was unable to control her tears. Victor consoled his wife and told her everything about the incident and the police complaint. Without wasting any more time they reached the police station. Would they be able to find her?