Life often takes unexpected turns, sometimes it gives us motivation other times it breaks us into pieces. Without any warning, it may surprise us with the opportunity of our lifetime and sometimes snatch the dearest thing or person from us. But that doesn’t mean that we should be afraid of the unknown. Life is all about embracing the challenges that life puts us through and come out as a warrior. Well, is it always possible to have a brave face in front of the unknown future and especially when life puts you in a situation that makes you regret the decision for the rest of your life?


On one fine morning a native of Asipovichy, Belarus, Viktor Moiseenko was returning home from Minsk by a train. This was one of the special journeys of his life as he was traveling with his 4-year-old daughter Yulia. This was the first time when his baby girl was traveling in a train. But he didn’t have any clue that this journey would change his life forever.


His excitement was at the peak, he wanted to show his daughter every single wonder of nature and artifacts of humans so that he could make her first journey memorable. As it was the month of January so they were caught in a whiteout but they thought of making the most out of the situation so they played with snow and camped on the drifting floe. Yulia was having the best time of her life.

Phone Calls

Viktor’s wife was tensed as she saw the news on the T.V and called several times in the hotel to ensure their wellbeing. They spent the whole night watching the snow and waiting for the roads to get clear but nothing of that sort happened. Yulia did sleep for a while but Viktor was wide awake thinking how would they go home tomorrow.

Restless Night

After the restless night, Victor woke up to find that snow was still falling at the same pace. This really disappointed Victor, but he couldn’t even drop the plan of going home as his wife was waiting for him and her little girl. It wasn’t a long journey but the blocked roads was making the journey harder. Would they be able to reach home safely?

Next Day

Finally the next day in the morning they had to leave for their home and their train was in the early morning. They were expecting roads to be blocked as last night it had snowed heavily but when they went outside it seemed impossible for them to even walk. Viktor was thinking how would he travel in such a situation, especially with his kid?

Boarding The Train

Yulia was still fast asleep so he just picked her up on his shoulder without letting her know or disturbing her sleep. When he reached the station, he was surprised to find so many passengers on such a snowy morning. While he was boarding the train he got a push from the back and his daughter was about to slip from his hands but he somehow managed to balance her from slipping. He turned around to see who was it but due to the insane crowd, he wasn’t able to get a hold of the culprit.