A Delusion?

When he tried to plow that patch again he heard the noise again and for him, it was difficult to avoid the noise. So he tried to dig the place so as to find what was it that was making it difficult to plow that area. So he started to dig that particular patch to find out what was creating the hurdle. Would he be able to find something or was it just an illusion?

Digging The Place

As soon as he dug a little further he thought his hands brushed with some solid object. Suddenly he fell back on his head as he tried to pull the object out of the sand. He then realized the object was hollow from inside and had a circular circumference. He started to scrutinize what it would be while he put his hand again in the sand to try his luck again.

What Was The Object?

Fortunately, he succeeded to excavate the object from the sand and was lost in thought because he was in awe of what he discovered. He had never thought out of all the mundane work that he used to do he would find something that interesting. What was the object that he had found that made him jump out of happiness?

Magnificent Ring

The object that he had found accidentally, seemed to be a ring but it didn’t look like an ordinary one though because unlike an ordinary ring it had 10 facets. It was exceptionally larger in the size about an inch in diameter and weighed approximately 4 ounces or 12 grams which were quite unusual for a normal ring.

The Appearance

It was obviously not a normal ring because the size was unexpectedly big and clearly it was made to wore on the gloves. The artifact was indeed very beautiful with a woman carved on the ring. The farmer could make out from the design that it was not any local metalsmith’s work. Then who would have made it and who was the woman that was carved on the ring?

A Signet?

The appearance of the ring suggested that it was a signet ring or was probably used to make a seal. There were certain letters engraved on it which were in old Latin and had certain mistakes moreover, the language was ancient to be known by an expert let alone the farmer. He tried to flip it several times to trace the owner but didn’t succeed.