Drenched To The Bone

The lady officer was completely soaked in the rain. She did not even have an umbrella to protect herself from the storm. Clearly, it was not a planned act. What was she doing there? Every person who crossed the road had this question on their minds.

The Situation

Carolyn Hammett got really curious and she decided to ask the officer as to why was she standing in the middle of the road. It was strange as there was no one around but her. The woman was drenched from head to toe but despite that, she was standing firm and was preventing the traffic from going a certain direction. What was there?

What Was Wrong?

So did an accident occur in that area or something even worse happened? Surprisingly, there was only one lady officer and the lady appeared to be having something behind her back. Carolyn recalls, “As we got closer, we realized that she was standing over something.”  

She Did It Because……

The woman did not try to hide her real motive. She told her that she was trying to protect a snapping turtle. The tiny creature was taking a nap amid the busy highway. The constant raining would have made it difficult for drivers to spot him. That is why she decided to help the turtle.   

About Snapping Turtles

Eastern Snapping Turtle enjoys the reputation of being the largest freshwater turtle in the state. The creature can be spotted all around Maryland. Interestingly, they look a little like dinosaurs because of the lines of horns resembling bumps found on their backs and enormous heads. They become quite aggressive on sensing a threat of any kind. The animal makes a snapping motion with their mouths in reaction. 

Time To Help

The officer was named Sharnise Hawkins Graham and was waiting for the arrival of the animal control. Till then she had taken up the responsibility of protecting the animal. On the other hand, picking the turtle with her own hand would not be a safe step as the creature is considered dangerous. The family moved by her selfless act decided to help her. Kevin stayed with the officer under the raining sky. He held his umbrella for the officer while she kept directing the traffic. The other two made their way back home in order to get shovels to take the turtle off the road.