One can really imagine the extent of devastation a natural calamity can cause. There is an innumerable loss of life and property. The damage caused is often huge. People are helpless and distressed beyond words.

This incident is from the life of a family which fled their home after the Hurricane Harvey struck their place. While life was already challenging and difficult, things took a steep turn when a dozen police officers show up at the hotel room where they were taking refuge. Amidst the entire chaos, why did the police officers knock at their door?


The family was taken aback. They were not expecting any visitors at such a hard time, and when the door was knocked, they skipped a heartbeat. Who could it be? And when they realized that it was the U.S Police force at the door they were frightened. What brought the officers at their doorsteps?

The Family

Nicole and Anthony Brooks were the residents of Seabrook, Texas. They had two little sons. Life was going stable and happy, until a tragedy struck the United States in the month of August 2017. Life came to a still as next sunshine was eagerly awaited.

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey 2017 was one of the vicious tropical cyclones to have ever hit the United States in the metropolitan area and Southeast Texas. It lasted for nearly four days with regions experiencing heavy rainfall more than 40 inches and causing floods.

Widespread Destruction

There was widespread destruction in Texas. Nearly 336,000 people went homeless, with thousands displaced. People were left to starve, there was no electricity either. Survival chances grew slim. Life got difficult and unpredictable in a sudden. Nicole too had to look for survival options with her family.

Getting Difficult

For two days, Anthony with his wife and two kids tried to escape the rough environment in their house, but as the third day morning came, there was no way that the roof above their head could shelter them. Heavy rain had struck their region as well and their house was nearly drowned…

 Run For Survival

Texas was facing a tough time. Nearly the entire Southeast part was under water. People had to escape their house and need to find a refuge. All the houses which were low-lying were lost in this natural calamity and Nicole’s house was one amongst those.