A Love Letter

A Love Note

The teen parents laid the baby in a shoebox with a Winnie-the-Pooh doll. Then they added a touching note that said: “We love you, we are just not able to raise you. We want his name to be Allen Corey and we will hope to be able to see you again. God will be watching over you.” The teen dad walked for eight miles to the hospital with the baby in the box.

A Premature Baby

Born Premature

The baby suffered from hypothermia after being born 6 weeks before Cherish’s due date. The baby was severely dehydrated and the doctors tried to treat his injuries from the scissors they used at home to cut his cord. It was a miracle to see him breathe because most premature babies cannot do so. “There was someone looking down on him,” said the doctor who treated him. But Cherish found it impossible to give him up.

Easing Her Doubts

Easing Her Doubts

Jeannie wanted Cherish to be aware of all the possibilities, including open adoption. She also wanted to inform her family. Cherish recalls, “She didn’t talk to me like I was just some stupid teenager. She talked to me like I was a person.” Eventually, the girl decided to tell her mom who she expected would understand as she had experienced the same thing with Cherish.

The Family’s Warm Acceptance

The Embracing Family

Cherish lead her mother to the incubator and she was astonished. Cherish remained speechless waiting for Jeannie to come to the rescue. Her mom surprised her when she said that she wanted to hold the newborn. A few hours later, her grandmother arrived at the hospital. After feeling the overwhelming sense of support and love she decided to keep him.

Saying Their Goodbyes

Saying Goodbye

The baby, now named Allen, left the hospital after 4 weeks. Jeannie made Cherish to promise finishing school. Her grandparents thankfully offered to look after the baby while Cherish had her school hours. But Cherish enrolled in an alternative school with daycare. She explained that “I did not want to place that burden on them.” Cherish and Jeannie lost touch until 12 years had passed.

Growing Up

The Kids Grew

Cherish sent a message on Facebook to Jeannie in 2016. She is 29 and living in Glendale, Arizona. She now has three kids including Allen, who was currently 5’3 and playing soccer, running cross-country, and is also a part of the Naval Academy Cadets. Life turned out great not only for Cherish.