The Awesome Feeling

A New Human Life

Azathothfrog witnessed the arrival of his newborn baby. He was completely awestruck. He truly felt unreal when he heard his child’s first cry. After the cleaning of the baby, the doctors discovered something on his baby’s body, which stunned him.

Rarest of Rare Cases

He Was Perfect

When the doctors were getting rid of the umbilical cord, they observed that it was tied in a perfect knot! It meant that the blood was not flowing properly to the baby, or eliminating waste, and this could result in death. Unlike other cases this baby was breathing normally, crying, and his skin was the normal color. He was perfect! According to the doctors, this was the rarest of rare cases. Considering this they told the father to record this moment.

A Miracle Birth

A Miracle Birth

“Hurry up dad, take a picture, your baby is a miracle,” yelled one of the doctors to Azathothfrog. And he of course did. He shared the picture of his baby on Reddit. A plethora of people commented on his post and shared their own stories. They were simply astonished. However one of the stories grabbed everybody’s eyeballs.

A Lucky Family

A Lucky Family

The Redditor wrote that he worked as an anesthesiologist, and had over 15 years of experience in the delivery and operation theatres. He congratulated Azathothfrog and then told him that his family was really lucky. He further revealed that during his career he had witnessed a plethora of miraculous things, but one of the saddest cases was related to the umbilical cord only.

Initially, Everything was perfect!

Everything Looked Good

A pregnant woman was going to have a C-section operation for her baby’s birth. Just a day before the operation, the woman went to see her doctor just to ensure everything was good. Everything just seemed fine and her doctor told her to relax and go home. The next day when the woman arrived at the hospital, she was informed about the grievous news.

A Tragic Loss

A Tragically Sad Loss

The woman was all prepared for the surgery. When she underwent the final ultrasound, the baby didn’t show any movement, and there was no sign of heartbeats as well. Later, the doctors realized that the umbilical cord knotted, which caused baby’s death.