Naturally Worried

Lacey Grace Story

When people are new to parenting they get worried and freak out really quickly if they see anything out of the ordinary with their child; mostly it does not turn out to be anything serious. Lacey said, “There are so many times I have taken my kid to the doctor, saying I’m being a worried parent, and they say it’s a viral thing, give it a few days” Lacey explained. However, this time was different. She had known what could happen to her child and she did not want to risk Elianna’s life in any way. 

Being An Overconcerned Parent

Parents are overprotective of their children because they love them. It can be counterproductive at times but in the case of Elianna, Lacey being an over-concerned parent actually saved her from a fatal accident. Lacey is a responsible parent who makes sure to read about every illness and incident related to children that are available online. It was having read about one such incident online that made Lacey alert and she remembered that the incident a dad posted about online, ended tragically. She wanted to avoid a similar end for her daughter at any costs. 

What Was HappeningLacey Grace Story

Lacey went on to tell her side of the story, “We went from school to the urgent care, hoping the doctor would say “her lungs sound great, it’s just viral, etc”. We were there about 10 minutes when the doctor said to get her to the nearest ER as soon as possible. Her heart rate was crazy high, her oxygen was low, and her skin was turning purple which suggested chemical infection.” After that, they “went to the nearest ER where they did a chest X-ray and showed inflammation and infection caused from pool chemicals.” 

Building Fears

Lacey was reminded of a similar case and she said, “I kept replaying that pool scene in my head and remembered reading a story last year about a Dad in Texas whose son passed away because he went untreated after swallowing a bunch of pool water. I wasn’t going to let that be Elianna.” What she is referring to here, is the tragic death of Frankie Delgado III. It had not even been a year since the boy passed away and Elianna developed symptoms similar to him, which made Lacey act out.

Frankie’s Tragic Tale

It was supposed to be a day like any other, Frankie Delgado III was just splashing in the Texas City Dike, the water was only four feet, the parents did not think that there was anything unsafe for their 4-year-old boy. But soon Frankie started showing symptoms similar to having a stomach bug. He was vomiting and suffering from diarrhea. A few days after the incident Frankie told his dad that he wanted to nap as his shoulders hurt. After a few hours, he snapped awake from it, but not for the best.

The End For Frankie

Frankie Delgado Jr. told a news station, “Out of nowhere, he just woke up. He said ‘ahhh,’ he took his last breath — and I didn’t know what to do no more.” The child was immediately taken to the hospital but the authorities tried to awaken him, to no avail. There was fluid in Frankie’s lungs and heart; the doctors informed the family that he was a victim of, “dry drowning”. He was pronounced dead by the Houston hospital. It was then that the family decided to share the news with different media outlets.