Most of our lives revolve around the people we love the most. Anything happens to them, and it directly affects our peace of mind. Some people mean the world to us and we will happily do anything to keep them safe. God forbids something happens to anyone close to us, it will definitely affect us terribly. The worst moments are when people are left behind without any sort of closure and one such incident destroyed the life of a perfect family.
The Nagy family lived a happy life for many years like any ordinary family. They had no idea how short-lived their happiness was going to be.

The Beginning

Two people of German origin met, became friends, fall in love, got married and had a baby named Gabriel. All of this happened during the post Second World War era. People who witnessed even the slightest of events that took place during those dark years lost a part of their mental peace to it. The world was different after the war and a large number of people around the world were deeply affected by it. 

The Drastic Effects

The war was over but it left long-lasting effects on the people. This couple was also suffering from negative emotions of war. While everyone was trying hard to look ahead in life, it seemed impossible for this couple to forget about all that they have witnessed during the war and live a simple life. They would have still adjusted if it was just about the two of them, but they couldn’t ask their little one to settle for less.

Limited Options

No matter how hard this couple tried, as long as they were in Germany the war memories wouldn’t go away. Also, their country had very limited options to offer and the couple knew they have to relocate in order to give their newborn a normal environment to grow. For the sake of their newborn, the couple started to look out for better options to live a regular life. 

Better Options

After learning about many countries, the couple eventually agreed on moving to Australia and try their fortune in the farthest possible option from their native country. Soon after the decision was made, they completed all the formalities and were all set to restart their life on the smallest continent of our world.

Life In Australia

So, when Gabriel was a very young boy, his parents settled in Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. Unfortunately, the emotional wounds of the war were so severe that they never succeeded in giving Gabriel the ideal type of childhood he deserved. The boy had many issues during his childhood, both in his neighborhood and his school. 

An Outsider

Although Gabriel felt like Australia was his native country, he was teased by other kids of the same age group for being an outsider who took shelter in their country. As time passed all those bullying faded away, but Gabriel never forgot those experiences.