The Chilly Morning

The morning that they had to start off their journey was a bit chilly unexpectedly but no amount of hurdles would make them change their plan. They commenced their journey at the decided time in the morning and Zach’s mother packed them all the necessary things along with their favorite snacks. He insisted on taking their pooch too and packed his food too but Bret said denied to take the pooch with them and said it was their reunion and he wanted to spend some time alone with his son.

Starting Off

Bret had taught him how to ride a bike but due to his busy schedule, he was unable to devote much time to watch him fall from his bike, rise again and learn from his mistakes. As he saw him riding after so many years he became nostalgic. He somehow controlled his emotions and praised the lad for his extraordinary driving skills on such a bumpy road. He thought he had learned a lot of things and because of his unavailability, he had missed his boy’s childhood.

Sharing Thoughts

Both stopped their bikes in one place and started to share what was going on in their lives. After a long time, they had been so chatty and expressive. The last time they had talked to each other was when Zach had just turned 13 and told his dad about the things and subjects he hated and the teacher he disliked or the nerdy annoying girl he had a crush on.


It was relieving for both of them to share their thoughts with each other. Zach had turned into a man so he too understood what work pressure his dad was going through. His dad expressed his desire for his son to take over his position after he retires. This was gradually decreasing the distance that had come between them over the years.

Knowing Each Other

It seemed to them that unknowingly they were losing on the important things that mattered to them just like their relationship. Zach expressed how badly he used to miss his presence on the annual day functions. They were working on the differences that had come in between. Would they be able to be on the same page again?

Moving Ahead

So after having the heartfelt conversation they were ready to move forward on their road trip. As they went ahead with the wind, the sun was above their head and they could now clearly see the road which was otherwise blocked due to fog. As the road became clearer they tried to show off their driving skills to each other and the father like the previous times took the son by surprise.