High Hopes

Once out of their shock stage of seven infants, the couple was now in the state of excitement by the idea of having seven bundles of joy. They knew all the possible risks but after becoming a national sensation, something so incredible took place that the couple couldn’t help getting emotional and grateful.

Growing Faster

“It was scary, you know, watching the stretch marks go ever so higher and wider and just thinking, how much longer can this body keep going?” Bobby recalled. During the months of pregnancy, Bobbi was already given information about the instant changes her body was about to go through. Unlike her first pregnancy, Bobbi’s weight was increasing quickly and she could feel the rapid change taking place.

Incredible Outpouring

Bobbi and Kenny’s story and their faith in God was being appreciated everywhere and people wanted to help them as much as they can. The couple never asked for it but they started receiving donations from people they’ve never known or met. Their well-wishers sent them diapers. They even received a large van as another helpful gift. And this wasn’t all.

Home New Homemccaughey family

They received free macaroni and cheese from Kraft that could last for a year. Before their kids even entered the world, they were offered nannying services. Not only this, they got a 5,000-square house. The risk was too much and the hospital was all set to deliver the babies any day.

More Cautious

As the due date was getting close, Bobbi and Kenny were keeping themselves updated with all that she needed and to lessen her pain. None of us can really relate to the feelings that Bobbi was going through. Doctors were nervous and so were the McCaugheys. And the big day came early.

Increased Risk

Somehow the months passed and the most crucial time was here, Bobbi was in labor pain. Although the right time is 9 months, in the case of multiple babies premature delivery chances increases. For Bobby, the pain started in the 30th week, that’s just 7 months.