Do you believe in love? Mind you I am talking about the kind of love that stays with you even if the person you are in love with don’t. The kind of love that doesn’t teach you to make sacrifices only but also teaches you to go to any extent to get that special person back in your life. This story has all of it: pain, hopes, craving, separation and most importantly love that ultimately overpowers all other feelings. It is about a young couple who get separated in their teens despite the immense love they had for each other. The couple had to suffer a lot. Things reached their limit when they were forced to give up their daughter. But as they say, true love has a habit of coming back. Here too they reunite after about 50 years. Many things have changed in these past 50 years except for one thing i.e their love for each other.

However, after getting reunited they decided to look for their daughter. Ultimately, their investigation brought them to an unexpected point.

It All Began


They were a high school sweetheart. Dennis Vinar and Karen Lehmann did not delay in confessing their feelings for each other. This tender love story with an unexpected twist took place in Brownton, Minnesota. The story is timed in 1958.

Opposite Attracts

Dennis Vinar happened to be a classic boy next door. The boy had to drop out of school for a year due to severe illness he got afflicted with. He was already a year behind and so was not willing to widen the gap any further. He had decided to direct all his concentration towards studies. Vinar’s father was Buick salesman by profession in St. Paul. Dennis would often help him with some cash.

Handsome And Popular

The boy had become quite handsome by the time he reached his high school. He even had an amazing dress sense. No need to say the charming lad was very popular among girls. He also, being the local football star gave a push to his popularity.    

Extrovert And Introvert

While Vinar was extrovert Karen Lehmann owned a different personality. She was known for her introvert nature. Whereas all the teens of the town would dream about becoming popular, Karen limited herself to her studies.

Things That Mattered

Though they were poles apart, they did have few things in common. One of them was their amazing work ethics. Whereas Vinar used to help his father in his business and would also run football drills. On the other hand, Lehmann was a bookworm who loved practicing clarinet. By the time her high school’s freshman year drew to an end Lehmann had already emerged as a star clarinet player. She had found herself a spot in the band.    

That First Meeting

They met for the first time in 1958. At that time Lehmann and Vinar were 13 and 15 respectively. The boy felt an immediate attraction towards her but did not express it. He doubted that the girl might get scared considering her shy nature. The best thing about time is that it changes. By 1960, many things had changed. Vinar had acquired fame as a sports star and Lehmann had turned into a pretty musician.