Questions from her mysterious past

Was this development in the country that led to Rodica being dropped off in the orphanage in the first place? Perhaps her mother couldn’t provide the care necessary to properly care for her newborn child? Questions dominated this innocent toddler’s past, and Natalie and Ron craved answers.

Determined to find out more

Ron and Natalie desired to know everything they could possibly know about their new daughter’s unfortunate past. The problem was that it was also particularly hard to get hold of any documents of any sort on orphans in Romania at that time. And so, the investigation began!

They clung onto whatever they could find

Natalie and Ron grasped on to every bit of data they could find on Rodica. But without the ease of internet like today, there wasn’t much to be found. Then, the couple happened upon Rodica’s family tree—and they found that the girl’s biological mother had actually given away more than one child.

She actually had a sibling!

Actually, somewhere out there, Rodica actually had an older sibling! And a sister no less! Curiously enough though, this sister had been sent to an entirely different orphanage. From then on, Ron and Natalie knew they had to find the other child too.

They wanted to find her too

As the saying goes, the more the merrier, and Natalie and Ron must have been firm believers of that! From the moment they acquired the knowledge about Rodica’s sister, they were resolved to find—and adopt—her, too.

They became a family of four

Thorough research led Ron and Natalie finally down to Rodica’s older sister, Gianina. They were shocked at the likeness between the sisters—they could have passed off as twins! Without a moment’s hesitation, the couple adopted her too, making the Trecroces officially a family of four.