All Is Well

The things were going the way it should. The baby was asleep and the rest of the passengers were waiting for their destiny to come. The flight attendants were warm and friendly to the passengers. Everything looked normal. However, their perception was soon going to change. But before that, the mother sensed something weird.   


There was a flight attendant who had been moving around their seat constantly. The female flight attendant had been looking at the baby from the time the couple set foot into the plane. Regardless of this point, this flight attendant too was very good by nature.

Not So Easy

Whitney narrated the incident in a Facebook post, “My husband, 4-month-old daughter and I were traveling home from our holiday on April 19 (Palm Springs to Calgary flight 1475). Our daughter was asleep when we boarded so we figured it would be an easy peasy flight, man were we wrong ….” What happened next?

Point Of Inflection

Everything was going well until the captain took to the intercom to make an announcement. It is a usual practice. The captain of the plane connects with the passenger over the intercom. If the captain has to make any announcements, they take help of intercom. However, no one had any idea that this usual practice was going to be followed by an uncomfortable situation.

Loud Enough

The announcements are loud on the intercom. That is the reason when the announcement came out the baby who had been sleeping throughout the journey woke up abruptly. Well, the real trouble came when it started crying loudly. The entire space that was once dead got filled with the noise of baby’s cry. All the eyes were on them.  

Not A Kid’s Play

Sometimes taking baby along on a flight can prove problematic. What if they start to cry all of a sudden? Not only it troubles the parents but also causes disturbances to the fellow passengers. This is true that we all love babies but their constant high-pitched cry gets unbearable sometimes.