The Badgers shifted in the new house with their cat Ella, and found the place very satisfying. The month of August in 2018 proved to be very special for the couple when they found their dream home and also shifted in the same month. But August would also prove to be the life changing month for them.

10th August

On the morning of 10th of August, Amanda and Ricky shifted all their stuff to their newly bought house. It took them almost two weeks to settle everything since they wanted to decorate and set each corner very precisely and lovingly. 


When everything seemed settled, the couple invited friends and relatives for a house warming party. All the guests were extremely impressed by the purchase the new homeowners had made. The house seemed perfect, but it was all going to go in vain. 

Daily Routine

After the house warming party, Amanda and Ricky went on with the daily routines of their lives, without sensing any kind of trouble. They went to Bangor in the morning of August 24 to run some errands. It was a normal day like any other, until something awful happened. 

Nothing Unusual

When the couple had returned from Bangor, the house was just as they had left it. There was nothing unusual and therefore they had no suspicions. 


Amanda and Ricky reached home a little late in the evening from Bangor, so they decided to have dinner on their way back home only. After dinner, they reached back home and just wanted to have a peaceful time with each other.