Renovating a house comes with its set of challenges and complications, especially if you plan on doing the job on your own. Angie and Eddie, residents of Arizona, were on one such mission of renovating their house that they have been living in for more than two years now.

The most challenging part of this renovation was tackling the kitchen. And it was during this process of breaking down the kitchen counters, the couple stumbled upon something odd. Thus began a remarkable journey for the two of them, as they made the most unbelievable discovery of their lives.

Arizona, USA

It was a warm morning in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. The sun rays poured in through the cracks in the blinds awaiting to be greeted by Angie’s eyes. She buried herself in the warm sheets and pillows not wanting to wake up. It was a weekend which usually meant she could stay in bed till noon but not today. Eddie had planned to start the renovation this week.

Old House

Angie and Eddie moved into their house more than two years ago as newlyweds. Angie was and still is in love with this place. This is why she was interested in the renovation project instead of moving houses. They had made so many memories within these walls she couldn’t find it in her heart to leave them behind. 


Fortunately, Eddie agreed with her and as a result, he decided to renovate the place instead. Now Eddie was very much a typical handyman who knew his way around tools and fixtures. Which is why he decided to work on the house himself. Angie was not the biggest fan of this idea but she put on her best supportive-wife-face and allowed it. 


Angie turned over to see Eddie is not in their bed. That means he is already downstairs preparing for the big day. She got herself down the stairs and into the kitchen. Just like she predicted, Eddie was busy making breakfast for them. She smiled at herself wondering how she got so lucky. 

Shopping List

Once the couple was done with breakfast, it was time to get started with the preparations. Eddie had a plan fixed already. He was going to start with the top floors and then make his way downstairs covering the living room and the kitchen at last. He had a list of supplies already put together. All that was left to do was buying the items on the list.

Long Day

Eddie got in his car and made his way to WalMart. He was confident he will find all the supplies in their warehouse. But he couldn’t have been more wrong. And after spending the whole day searching for supplies, by the time Eddie was done getting together his stuff, it was already late. He decided to get up early the next morning and get started with the bedrooms on the top floor.