Wedding is all about vows, love, enjoyment, and lots of GIFTS. Brandon and Kathy Gunn got married on a beautiful day in September 2007. Kathy just like every other bride wanted her wedding to be different. She wanted everything to be special from decoration, her wedding gown to the reception. But what actually made her wedding stand out was the wedding gift that she got from her Aunt. It was not a usual gift. The gift had a note on it that asked the couple to NOT OPEN IT. Well, usually gifts are meant to be opened but this one was not.

The couple accepted the gift happily and as suggested did not unwrap it for a few years. However, their curiosity took the best of him and one fine day they finally opened it. Well, what they found inside was UNIMAGINABLE.

From Friends To Lovers

Brandon and Kathy’s love story is unique just like any other love story. They stayed in a relationship for about two years and then they decided to take their relationship to the next level. Brandon popped up the question in the most romantic way. Even though they had been in a relationship for a couple of years there were no hesitations and no doubts.

The Wedding

Kathy and Brandon both knew that the step they were taking was not only big but right too. So when were they going to get married? They were not going to wait any longer. The couple had planned to get married in the same year. Kathy rolled out the preparations for the wedding ecstatically.  


The best yet the tedious part of a wedding is its preparation. But for Kathy, it was not tiring at all. She had been planning her wedding for long and she knew how she wanted it to be. She knew what kind of dress she was going to wear and what kind of flowers she wanted her wedding place to be decorated with. It was all planned in her mind and now it was time to put them out. 

Wedding Vibes

Finally, the day arrived. Brandon and Kathy Gunn tied the knot and embarked on a journey together. The couple was indeed a lucky one as not many people get the chance to realize their dreams of living together. They exchanged the vows and pledged to stick by them till their last breath. They were inseparable now.

The Importance Of Gifts

So, what is the second-best part about weddings? Well, it is GIFTS. Some people want to get married to get lots of gifts. Kathy was very much excited to get all those gifts. She got a lot of gifts too. The couple got many amazing gifts other than blessings from their near and dear ones. 

Gift By Aunt Allison

There were sparkling wrappers, beautiful bows, flower crafts, and heartwarming wishes outside the gifts. The couple was overwhelmed with the gifts and blessings they were getting. However, one gift took them by surprise. They were asked not to open it. The gift was given by Aunt Alison.