What if one day you decide to travel a place which may seem like an ordinary place to you but, the moment you step there you stumble upon something extraordinary? And not only that the whole place is filled with amazing and unbelievable things. You might say that’s not even possible but before you step on any conclusion we have a story of this guy and his wife who went to a backpacking trip in southeastern Greenland where they found such a place that baffled both of them and the world when they shared the pictures on social media.

A Trip To Remember

This guy who goes by a name CanadaSpeedoMan on Imgur took a backpacking trip with his wife came across a place of wonderland. Like how was it even possible that both of them accidentally found the place that stayed hidden for years. This couple was destined to find this place. They started the exploration of the place and found out a lot of things about the place. So what was this place they found? You’ll know soon.

Made For Each Other

This couple has been traveling the world for many years. They both loved traveling and this was one of those things that made them really happy. But this trip was a life-changing experience for the couple because this was the first time their trip turned into an adventure. They wouldn’t have imagined that this trip of which they didn’t give much of thought would change their lives forever. That area was both amazing and creepy at the same time.

The Location

The location where they went was in a very remote location far away from human civilization. Except for this couple, there was no soul to be seen in the area that was giving the couple chills. It was the very first day of the trip and they were already feeling a little weird. So, they decided to leave the place as it was about to get dark. They went back to the place where they didn’t feel alone. After seeing people on the roads their mind was finally at peace. They felt like that place was forcing them to leave as soon as possible.

What Was That Place?

The couple wanted to know more about the place that was both scary and intriguing at the same time. It’s human psychology when something is out of our reach then we want it even more. The same happened with that couple who wanted to know more about that out of their reach location. What was the story behind the location that made it so creepy? Why no locals visit the place? They found out everything about it and what is the best option when you want to know more about the place? Talk to the locals.

Talking To The Locals

The next day, this couple who had no idea what are they going to do next, stepped out to inquire about the place they saw yesterday that made their really terrified of the things. They talked to one of the locals and asked him about the place, surprisingly even he knew nothing about it as he has never been to that place. It was very weird for the couple to hear that coming from a local. They needed to talk to someone who was more informative about the place.

The Old Locals

If you really want to know the history of the area then you should ask the old people of that area. They have seen the major changes in the place compared to others. Being a tourist you have the advantage as people are always ready to help the strangers. The couple then told this one old man everything and how they found the place. The couple wanted to know about the place and they heard some really scary stories about the place that made them more and more intrigued.