They had unwittingly stolen a child from her mother!

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The gravity of the situation was starting to dawn on this couple. Not only did they participate in a scam and possible could be convicted of human trafficking. But they were also responsible for separating a loving family, they had taken a child from her loving mother and this was indeed, weighing a lot on this young couples conscience. They knew then and there that they had to do something to fix this.  They had to return Mata to her mother.

The agency knew what they were doing.

Upon reflecting back on the adoption process, The family was finally realizing where the things had gone wrong. They were told that the father had died in an accident, Leaving the girl in the care of her neglectful mother, where she was left open to abuse. The Davis’s noticed it was actually a very dramatic file. The agent who informed Jessica Davis about Mata was a woman named Debra Parris who worked with EAC. She even pressured the family to act swiftly if they wanted to pursue this adoption. The real picture behind all this laid naked before the family now.

A child stolen and adopted.

Fortunately for little Mata and her family, there was still hope! Keren Riley of Reunite, a grass-roots organization that works to return the trafficked children back to their birth mothers. She tell’s the Davises that facilitators present at the scene are responsible for luring the vulnerable mothers who are often widows with the promise of educational opportunity for their children. 

Horrifying truth about child traffickers operating in Uganda

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The most horrible truth about such child trafficking rings isn’t that it’s done by illiterate and desperate people or child snatchers. This whole system is, in fact, working in a very organized fashion. with people working in the white collared profession such as Police, lawyers, teachers and even local leaders participate in this crime, told Keren. To make things easier for them, The language spoken in the villages has no word for “adoption”, which is why the mothers are soo easily deceived.

Child Trafficking, Stealing kids of their innocence

For them it’s quite easy to pull the wool over their eyes, Riley adds. She helped arrange video reunion between Mata and her mother in Africa. Traffickers work in a systematic way by always being on the lookout for the parents or bread earners of the family who have recently deceased, they mark the family and further lay their traps. Mata’s village was just one of the many villages that have been victim to this scam. 

Abducted under false promises

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In case of Mata village, A villager-turned-trafficker made a deal with the local church and managed to get seven innocent kids into the adoption circuit, one of whom was Mata. They were then sent to a place called God’s Mercy, which is only about 4 hours away from their village. That is the place where Davises first met Mata. A rundown orphanage which looked more like a prison. All this was just the beginning, more facts came to light as Riley worked the case.