This incredible incident occurred in a town of London. The sun was blazing in the sky and down on the ground, a bunch of locals had gathered to celebrate Easter Egg Hunt. This much-awaited day is celebrated in the pomp and show in this particular place. However, this time something happened that put the celebration on a halt. The soiree was interrupted by a loud noise coming from the sky and a man running towards the wood. It was a sound of a helicopter and the man who was running was a fugitive. Clearly, the police was trying to catch him but the man was too fast and smart.

Well, this was not it, the real twist came when the local kids took the matter in their hand. The kids had no plans though. Well, in the absence of a plan, the kids ended up doing something that made the police flying in chopper land on the field. It was UNBELIEVABLE!

An Action Movie

It all started off as an action film. Fugitives took a random car and started driving it like a crazy person. The car was running like a fire on the road. Clearly, they were trying to escape the police who were following them on a helicopter. Soon, the fugitives jumped out of the car and sprinted in the direction of the woods.

Headed To Forest

Clearly, the fugitives were having an upper hand on the cops. Scaringly, they had managed to dodge the police to a greater extent. Helicopters have their own limits and the fugitive knew very well about it. This is why they turned to the land covering the forest.

They Disappeared

The fugitive did it intentionally as they knew the helicopter would not be able to see through the forest. As expected, the cops lost sight of them. So, were the fugitives safe? Nope, just when the police thought they would have to make the search on foot, they spotted something unusual in the field. Well, that odd thing changed the story altogether.   

How Kids Saved the Day

The police always record the mission they work on. So, they were documenting this one too. However, little did they know the footage would turn into a viral video that would be won over many hearts. Once the mission got over, the police released the footage for the world to see it. Well, the clip soon went viral. What was so special about the clip? 

Easter Egg Hunt

The time when the police were following the culprits, there were a bunch of kids playing on the ground. They had already seen the culprits and the police. Well, the group included kids aging between 6 to 12. They were playing Easter Egg Hunt. They had come with their parents to watch the show. However, their interest was soon grabbed by the police- thief chase. 

The Day

It was one of the favorite days of the children. Today they were going to participate in Easter Egg Hunt. Well, it goes without saying that the day has a lot of craze in kids. This unbelievable incident took place in London. The locals had gathered in a field to play Easter Egg Hunt. However, their plan took an unexpected turn.