State Trooper

It was an unusual day and Thomas was still unaware of this fact. He noticed that there was huge traffic on the road. Neither was it a crowded route nor was it any special occasion which meant something was wrong. Thomas’ assumptions were going to prove right soon enough.

A Commotion

At first, Thomas was anticipating that someone’s car might have broken down in the middle of the road which was causing the commotion but the situation was way trickier than that. It was going to be once in a lifetime moment for the young state trooper. 

A Scene

Thomas Owens slowly moved his car out of the lane and moved forward. After taking over a couple of cars it became impossible for his car to move any further. The people waiting inside their cars were growing impatient and so he decided to get out and walk till the spot. He could have helped in fixing a broken car, he wasn’t trained on dealing with bears though.

The Beast

When Thomas finally made it to the spot where the first car was waiting, he noticed there was nothing wrong with the car rather the reason behind all this traffic jam was even more critical. It wasn’t a broken car but a giant black bear! Okay, bear crossing the road isn’t an unusual thing but a bear not ready to move from the road even after all the cars honking is something weird.

Bear, Bear On The Road

People in the front cars were well aware that they should stay in their cars but the people who were angry and wanted to know the reason that was keeping them from moving. They were unaware of the risk in front and Thomas who himself was standing defenseless had to do something.

Dangerous Animals

The place where this incident took place was Bretton Woods. The area gives shelter to many wild species. The area is covered with more than 200 types of birds. More than 700-acre area was a protected wildlife zone and it was common for animals to cross the roads but Thomas couldn’t understand the reason behind this bear’s behavior. Was it not afraid of the cars? What was it that made it stand there? Why wouldn’t it move?