Phil Richardson had earned a big name for himself for being a brave and patriotic army man. The man always wanted to be like his grandfather who went missing during a battle. Phil had grown up listening to the bravery stories of his grandfather that became an inspiration for him. He had not seen his grandfather ever as the airman disappeared decades before he was born but still felt attached to him. What happened to him after he went missing remained a mystery to the family until Phil got his hands on a Youtube clip. The footage made him take some drastic decision and he embarked on a difficult journey that ended on some astonishing revelation.

The Impact 

World War II was the most devastating war ever to be fought in history. Those who partook in it either died or remained scarred for their whole life. Philip’s grandfather was one of them although nobody knows what actually happened with him. The man was one of those whose existence remained a mystery to the world. 


World War II was way more destructive in comparison to World War I. New technologies had been invented and new methods of war were discovered by the human race. Battles were fought not only on land and sea but also in the sky. The war was fought between two groups namely Axis and Allied powers.    

Becoming Popular

The aircraft catapulted to massive popularity during World War I. Though the credit of initiating the bombing raids goes to zeppelins, soon after both sides started to use fighter planes against their enemy. The aerial bombings proved to be very advantageous for the groups as the pilots managed to save the day on several occasions. Aerial warfare was becoming a new favorite for the fighters.  

Aerial Combat

No need to say everyone was highly impressed by the ability of aerial combat. The aircrafts had the potential of winning a war. No wonder, both the group Axis and Allied powers namely, came up with the military aircraft that came in use in World War II. Soon the war knocked at the door and by then Britain, Germany, the Soviet Union, and the United States had equipped themselves with a strong air force.


The assertion was made on strong military leadership in the U.S. and Britain. They placed great importance on strategic bombing. Not only that but they also developed fleets having the potential of traveling long distances on raids. Despite that, Germany’s mighty Luftwaffe triggered terror in the enemy’s hearts with its Stuka dive bombers.  

Emerging Britain

With the progression of the war, Britain strengthened its position by making its grasp of radar technology stronger. Their understanding of radar enabled them to plan more disastrous raids. Notably, the Allies became nearly invincible when they got their hands on seismic bombs. Now the group was capable of unleashing all sorts of destruction.