According to the Population Reference Bureau (PRB), the national average at which women say yes to marriage is 27.6, while men seem to marry at a very later age, 29.5.  For both men and women, marriage is one of the biggest steps in their lives. We want everything to go perfectly on our big day, right? But something terrible happened on the day of her marriage. She couldn’t believe that something this unfortunate struck on their wedding day that took everybody by shock. After thinking about marriage for a very long time Jessica and her boyfriend decided to tie a knot. They were happy and excited by their decision of getting married and then this happened that changed everything for everybody. What was it? You’ll find out soon.

A Family Affair

We all have seen how weddings are, right? The house filled with our families and relatives which we haven’t seen for years. Children running all over the house, the decorations and what not. Most people who get married know that at worst, the only things that could go wrong are family arguments, or maybe some decorations or food problems. She was prepared for all these things but nobody prepared her for this unfortunate turn of events.

Made For Each Other

Jessica Padgett who has been in love with the man of her dreams, firefighter Kendall Murphy, they both decided to take the next step in their beautiful relationship. One fine day, Kendall went down on his knees, looking into Jessica’s eyes he proposed her. She still relives that beautiful moment that made their bond stronger than before. Excited they informed their parents and friends about their decision. It was time for some wedding preparation…

Jessica Padgett

Jessica Padgett found the man of his dreams while she was in college and she knew that he was the one with who she wants to spend the rest of her life. Jessica and Kendall lived and worked in Indiana where Jessica worked in a nursing home and Kendall was a firefighter. They both were into American football and loved watching it and both followed their local college team, the University of Notre Dame.

Love Birds

Lucky are those people who are able to find love at an early stage of their lives and build their relationship after surviving every up and down of the relationships. Jessica and Kendall shared their parts of bad and good things that every relationship goes through. But they never left each other’s side and stayed stronger. The college brought them together and by the time they finished college, they decided to take the next step in life.


Jessica always thought about how life works in mysterious ways. Kendall who used to live just seven miles away from Jessica met her when they went to college. Jessica was deeply in love with him and she said Kendall was an amazing guy who would just lend his shirt to anyone in need. His helping nature led him to the fire department, risking his life to save others gave his life a purpose and he was happy. They both were ready and started the preparation but who could have thought that destiny had some other plans for them.


Obviously, Jessica was excited like who wouldn’t. She was taking a very bold step in her life and she wanted everything to be perfect and on point. She decided to do everything on her own from decorations to catering and to her wedding dress to everything she could think of. Kendall was very supportive and loved seeing Jessica this happy and lively. He would see this happy and beautiful face every morning. For him, this was the best thing and nothing else mattered. But what exactly happened that day that took away all his happiness?